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Muammar Muhammad bin Abdel Salam Abu Menyar bin Hamid al-Gaddafi.

He Mu´ammar Al-Qaddafi, aka Kadafi, Algathafi, al-Kadhafi, al-Gaddafi, Al Qadafi, Qadhafi, Gueddafi, Gheddafi or El-Gueddafi and others.

Vector image of Colonel. For the manufacture of labels, printing on T-shirts, tattoos and tattoo cars, etc.

Author (my) drawing in a vector. File adapted for cutting on plotter, etc. (The minimum number of grid points, there is no overlapping image elements - a clean stencil tattoo ..)
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1. The file format CDR (saved in version 11, for the possibility of opening in later versions)

2. File format EPS

3. File format JPG
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