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Dedicated men and women, husbands and wives, lovers and mistresses, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, grandparents, stepfather and stepmother, the defenders of the fatherland and homemakers, rapists and victims, alcoholics and prostitutes, and gamers trudogolichkam bitch and goats, Beauty and the Beast, Jezebel and The Libertines, concubine and Alfonso, former and future.
Author's preface:

Pursuing psychotherapy, I noticed that most of my clients, and clients talking about the same problem - the impossibility or difficulty of creating harmonious relationships with the other sex.

So the idea to create a training aiming at a comprehensive review of the issue. Then, the idea of \u200b\u200btraining rose - what prevents a person to become a trainer himself?

This book is written for those who have yet a partner, and who would like to find their loved one, as well as for those who are in a relationship, but would like to improve their quality.

This book is a training in the first place, because it is written on the basis of a two-day practical training, which I'm already a few years, and effectiveness is tested by hundreds of women and men; and also because the book contains not only theoretical information, but also practical exercises and real life stories of real people.

Some of the exercises can be done alone, some need a partner - but do not let that scare those who are alone - the paired exercises you can do with a friend, girlfriend - anyone of your generation that nice to you, and not necessarily of the opposite sex.

!!! I really do not recommend these exercises are paired with their parents.

Finally. The book does not claim to originality. My goal - to summarize and explain in simple terms what philosophers and psychologists have long been opened, and after exercise to help not only to understand the mind of some important things about the relationship between man and woman, but also feel them.
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