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You buy official game key Sniper Elite 3 from Rebellion

Release date - 27.06.2014
Regional restrictions - for use in Russia and CIS countries
Editorial - The standard version does not contain additional content



Sniper Elite 3

Stalk your targets through the twisting canyons, lush oases and ancient cities of the Western Desert in the deadly rush to sabotage a Nazi super-weapons programme that could end Allied resistance for good.
Use stealth, planning and execution to hunt your targets – whether human or machine.
From signature long distance kills, to melee takedowns, distractions and explosive traps, you are as deadly up close as you are from afar.
It must end here.
You are the turning point.
Because one bullet can change history...


- Download and install Steam - http://steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi
- Register your Steam account
- Go to the "Games" and select "Activate via Steam"
- Enter the activation key
- After that, the game will appear in the list and you can download Sniper Elite 3
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22.06.2019 22:58:16
21.06.2019 20:32:55
19.06.2019 10:55:43
Вполне годно , ключ работает
03.06.2019 21:57:06
27.05.2019 11:48:27
25.04.2019 17:54:16
Спасибо) Всё пришло.
11.04.2019 18:36:05
Всё хорошо)
15.03.2019 19:32:48
Все отлично! Спасибо!
09.03.2019 20:16:28
Отлично. (Ключ работает) - (Русская версия)
13.01.2019 21:50:29
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