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Most likely you´re familiar with these problems:

You constantly steal resources?

Tired of looking for rich and poor victim to the attack?

Can not keep the cups?

COCTimer program was created to facilitate gameplay clash of clans and gain an advantage over opponents.

More free time, less strain on the eyes and more enjoyable game!


Maintaining the status "in the game", so that the enemy could not attack you.

Collect resources with mines during the regime of the shield (this function is in test mode and debug).

Search for the enemy to attack on the set of parameters of the victim:

Minimum gold

Minimum elixir

Minimum black elixir (Dark)

A minimum amount of gold and elixir

The most important thing - the probability of error is minimized, and the time to assess the enemy bot takes less than a man.

Therefore the search for victims faster than usual.

And best of all - play your favorite game on your computer, you can!

Instructions for use bot-shield

Download and install "BlueStacks App Player"

Download and install the bot COCTimer

Start the bot

Click "Register" button and enter the activation key (it´s 20 characters, which come in a letter after payment or to be paid for the goods on the page)

Click "Enable shield" to activate the "Always in the game"

Click "Search" to search for the enemy on the set parameters

That´s it, now you have no one to attack ... the next 8 hours or until you turn off the computer or a bot. Why 8:00? Because the game developer has introduced such a restriction to the players not to stay too long. But do not worry, this forced break lasts only 5-7 minutes, after which the boat will go back into the game and will continue to protect you. Of course, it is likely that over the 5 minutes you´re being attacked, so be ready for it.

If something is not clear, always happy to answer any questions.

By the way, you can activate the trial version for one week through the menu.

Finally, the key is calculated only on one computer, so the second and subsequent keys 50% discount.
19.08.2019 14:24:08
отличный бот!
09.06.2019 13:04:32
Все работает, пользуюсь давно)
скидку тоже хочется на будущие покупки)
25.04.2019 16:29:42
14.12.2018 1:10:16
Бот просто класс! Купил уже 4 ключа.
06.12.2018 10:16:55
18.10.2018 14:08:26
Товар пришёл, всё ок.
30.08.2018 23:43:43
Всё идеально, всем советую. Сначала купил на 3 месяца, потом навсегда.
27.06.2018 13:17:18
все хорошо товар пришел как и всегда
25.03.2018 21:42:05
Мне очень понравился данный товар
09.11.2017 16:45:27
Классный магазин и моментальная поддержка!
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