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A set of vector images for making stickers on a car by the Victory Day on May 9.
It is used for making stickers on cars, as well as printing on textiles, souvenirs, etc.
1. May´9 Happy Victory Day!
2. May´9 Victory!
3. Hit the fascist reptile!
4. The Immortal Regiment
5. The fighter
6. Caput!
7. St. George´s ribbon
8. Order of the Patriotic War
9. Who forgot, we can repeat!
10. Our Victory!
In the archive:

1. "Product Information.txt" is a text file that you are currently reading.

2. "image.jpg" is a picture file to see how the vector images look.

3. "photo" - pictures that show how this image (for example, a sticker) will look on this or that surface: on a glass or car body, on textiles, etc.

4. "image.cdr" - the vector images themselves, THIS FILE IS THE GOODS. Open it is possible only in the specialized program of vector graphics CorelDraw,
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