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Instructions after the purchase (Attention! Since October 2, 2019 steam has forbidden to change mail by binding the phone. Now you can not always change mail. You can always contact our support with questions):

1. Log in to the Steam app
2. Click on the "login" in the upper right corner of the steam program and select "About Account"
3. In the "Contact Information" section, be sure to add your phone by clicking on the "Link Phone" link. You can’t change your mail without adding a phone!
4. Enter your phone number and confirm it with SMS message.
5. After that, go to settings. In the upper left corner of the steam program, click on the "Steam" menu then "Settings"
7. Click on the button "Change Contact Email Address"
Send the verification code to your number, enter it in the field and replace the E-mail with yours.
8. Also in the settings, click the "Change Password" button. Change the password to yours and only after that start the game. These security measures will help keep your account forever!
9. Go to the "Library" section and right-click on "install game." The game will start downloading from the official Steam servers.

Half-Life 2 - Steam Аккаунт
Half-Life II - Steam Аккаунт
Half-Life 2
Half-Life II
Half Life 2
Half Life II
Half Life
Halflife 2
Halflife II

Халф-лайф 2 - Steam Аккаунт
Халф-лайф 2
Халф-лайф II - Steam Аккаунт
Халф-лайф II
Халф лайф 2
Халф лайф II
Халф лайф
Халфлайф 2
Халфлайф II
24.11.2018 12:08:02
Всё хорошо, сначало не понял как поменять почту, а потом мне объяснили.
10.11.2018 19:41:59
Хороший аккаунт все нормально!
12.10.2018 19:54:42
Все ок
23.09.2018 13:42:58
дёшево и круто !
12.08.2018 17:46:36
Сразу же пришел аккаунт, и цена небольшая, большое спасибо!
05.08.2018 23:13:21
the return is not made. it gives the wrong account.
14.06.2018 12:54:30
все отлично
18.12.2017 16:54:01
Всё работает!!! Спасибо лучший сайт.
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