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Here you can buy the game Overwatch at a bargain price. After the purchase, you will immediately receive a HumbleBundle gift link, following the activation instructions you will add Overwatch to the Battle.Net account.

You can activate the game in any region except Belarus, Burma, China, Korea, Cuba, Iran, Eritrea, Libya, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela.
Activation instructions:
1. We pass on the purchased link
2. Then you will be asked to enter your email address. Enter the address of the same mail on which the battle.net account is registered. Click on "Claim".
3. Next, you need to register a new account in the humblebundle, with the same mailbox registered in battle.net.
4. After logging in to humblebundle and battle.net, click the link "to claim ...". The system will automatically add the game to your Battle.Net library.
29.05.2019 9:58:21
Спасибо, все работает
21.05.2019 23:48:25
Отличная цена и очень быстрый ответ от продавца
21.05.2019 20:23:11
Спасибо, работает.
17.05.2019 6:29:07
Все хорошо!
14.05.2019 15:28:14
купил, всё работает
05.05.2019 7:02:05
Всё отлично)
17.04.2019 10:44:08
Good, I haved a problem but i was fixed
26.03.2019 20:58:19
17.03.2019 18:15:27
все отлично прошло)) а можно мне подарок в стим?))
16.03.2019 16:03:47
good sell
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