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Having made a preliminary order of the Sims 4 game. The path to glory you get the key in the first minute of the official release!

 You will receive the key in your account http://www.oplata.info. Also the link to the page with the key will be sent to your email specified at the time of purchase.

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Languages: Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English US, Español España, Suomi, Français, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português Brasil, Русский, Svenska, 繁體中文
Region: Global
Release date: November 16, 2018
Activation: Origin


** Game Description **

Work in a studio or attend VIP parties - your Sims themselves choose how to achieve world fame. Make up your own star style and decorate your Sim´s elite mansion with such extravagant accessories as a toilet bowl made of pure gold. Bathe in the glory and enjoy a stellar lifestyle.
Get the glory. Your Sims´ cherished dreams of fame and fortune come true! Become a star in your chosen career or start your journey to a star Olympus in a new role. Shine in the lights of spotlights, choosing a career as an actor, or become an authoritative adviser and broadcast your life live. But remember: the more famous your Sims are, the more attention, advantages and fans they will attract. The life of the rich and famous is full of surprises, but while swimming in simoleons or spending them mindlessly, you will not remember the past life.
Choose your role. Become your own muse and control the Sims on the way to the top of a brilliant acting career. Achieve recognition in commercials or get a role in the television series. If your Sims memorize scripts and agree to play in strange costumes, over time, their efforts can bring them a major role in the new superhite.
Refuel the city. Bathe in the splendor and luxury of the new Del Sol Valley, where your Sims will have a taste for fame. Settle in a simple newcomer home in Mirage Park or stay in a mansion in the Pinnacles hills. Get the desired diamond with the name of your character on Starlight Boulevard, and they will start talking about you overnight.
Bathe in luxury. Flaunt in chic casual clothes or shine in glamorous outfits on the set. When the status of your character increases dramatically, you will begin to receive the benefits of a stellar lifestyle. Decorate your luxurious mansion with gilded furniture or expose a unique piece of home in memory of your golden age.
➨ For the positive feedback, we give BONUS - GAME!

Each buyer leaving a positive feedback is guaranteed to receive a gift game with activation in STEAM.
* BONUS distribution is carried out within 48 HOURS after writing a review.
The bonus will be sent to you at the MAIL which you indicated when making the purchase (you do not need to specify the mail in the recall)
12.08.2019 2:25:27
+rep! Good trade!
Send me bonus random key... Thank you
26.07.2019 14:55:28
Все отлично, ключ активировался без каких-либо проблем!
Всем советую продавца. Экономия практически в 1000 рублей!
31.05.2019 0:55:18
всё отлично
24.05.2019 0:07:07
Всё классно, спасибо!
27.02.2019 13:32:29
21.11.2018 12:14:18
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