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Decl. Kirill Tolmatsky. Vector image rap artist, silhouette. Author (my) rendering.
Images are prepared for adequate (positive) display on both light and dark backgrounds.
Application: making vinyl stickers using the method of plotter cutting, printing on t-shirts, etc.

In the archive:

1. "Product Information.txt" - a text file that you are currently reading.

2. "image.jpg" - image file to see how the vector image looks.

3. "photo.jpg" - image file that shows how this image will look like (for example, a sticker or screen printing) on ​​a particular surface: on a glass or a car body, on a guitar, on t-shirts, on office equipment, furniture etc.

4. "image.cdr" - the vector image itself, THIS FILE IS THE PRODUCT. It can be opened only in CorelDraw, a specialized vector graphics program, but this should not scare you. In order to make, for example, a sticker on a car, you just need to bring this file to any advertising studio. There, on the plotter you will cut a sticker of any size and color.

5. "image.eps" - bonus additional files, also in vector format.

You can stick yourself (for this you need to have some skill and a wrap film on the size of the sticker for carrying the image). On the Internet there are many videos showing how this is done. You can ask the specialist to do the gluing (in the same advertising agency), but in this case, you will most likely have to pay extra.

This vector file can be used not only for the production of stickers, but also for other design and decoration works, for example, printing on T-shirts.
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