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Sending takes place automatically, around the clock 24/7. After payment you will receive a link where you can activate the product to your account! </ delivery>

Region of activation: GlobalThe item is sent as a gift through friend requests
This product can not be taken into inventory, only installed in the library steam </ delivery>

A detailed description of the product and system requirements can be found on Steam at the link below: https: //store.steampowered.com/sub/325569/

ATTENTION! - Refund for the purchase of the game is not carried out. (bought by mistake or other reason for inattention)

Endless Legend - Symbiosis introduces new colossal monsters called Urkana, as well as a new faction - Mikara.

By evolution and assimilation, this ancient civilization has gone from unicellular organisms to full-fledged warriors. They have one goal - to return harmony to Aurige.deliveryACTIVATION INSTRUCTIONS:
1. You must follow the link received after purchase
2. Insert a link to the profile of the account for which you want to get the game on our service and click "READY"
3. Within 3 minutes, our bot will send a friend request to your account
4. Accept friend request
5. After you add our bot to friends, a gift will be sent within 3-7 minutes
6. Take a gift to the library </ delivery>
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