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for dualstore
21.01.2020 1:04:51
I did receive all of my followers and more BUT then after two days they dropped by a lot and now I now longer have any that I bought
20.01.2020 17:09:08
I can recommend it.He has delivered product rapidly.
16.01.2020 11:46:43
initially the followers arrive. then they take the follow off after a few days. in fact I paid for 1500 followers. they arrived and slowly they are going down, in fact I have 1000 of them now. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM
16.01.2020 8:33:43
need refund
15.12.2019 21:43:15
30.11.2019 16:10:32
Worked last time I bought, So I bought again!
28.11.2019 2:07:34
Works like a charm! But my gift didnt work unfornately, but thats ok!
13.11.2019 20:05:21
Все супер!
04.11.2019 3:00:20
Nice and fast i like it
04.11.2019 0:21:29
this is real! thank you seller for this! +rep

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