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The "power of attorney" is intended for registration of power of attorney to receive funds in the form of material number M2.

The program provides the following features:

• To make out a power of attorney a few mouse clicks;

• Print a power of attorney in Excel;

• Maintain a register of issuance of powers of attorney;

• To make out a power of attorney on behalf of several of their companies;

• Keep records of all employees, which gave a power of attorney, and use their data in the design of new

• Observe all suppliers "of their firms';

• Create a backup of the database software on any medium.

Set bundled with Office XP (2002), 2003, 2007.

Registration key to the program is determined by a unique number and the name of the computer (user program), which are determined after the initial installation. To determine the registration key necessary to the author by email, specified in the registration form.
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