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Electronic voucher for Internet access on 20 UAH. the provider UkrNet. For connection is necessary to use the free guest connection. UkrNet available on the Internet in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Illichivsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye.


1. Call your Internet connection, listed below, use the guest connection - login: paycard password paycard.

2. Go to http: isp.ukr.net/paycard.html, go to Activation cards PayCard.

3. Select Register a new account and then fill in the registration form.

4. You will generate a username and password that you must write down or remember. That you have to use them in the future to connect to the Internet and access to the statistics page. To access the Internet you need to login to write in the form of username @ uah.

5. After registration you go to the home page of the new user (account management page), where you can select a tariff plan, change your registration data and update your account.

Caution When registering service automatically becomes hourly, so if you want to use another package, go to the menu item Selection of the tariff package.

6. To refill, go to the menu Recharge. Enter a number in the form received and the secret code and press to activate the card.


In order to fund your account:

1. Go on a visitor's connection to the page http: isp.ukr.net/paycard.html, go to Activation cards PayCard.

2. Enter your login and password on the page (Note: Username and password will remain unchanged, provided that your account is fully revoked, that there were some money. If your score is zero, input under the login paycard, password paycard ).

3. For refill go to the menu Recharge. Enter a number in the form received and the secret code and press to activate the card.

Phones connect to the Internet:

Kyiv - 235-99-88; for call-back: 235-99-88, 585-05-55.

Odessa - 748-31-31, 758-48-48; for call-back: 730-77-77.

Dnepropetrovsk - 744-57-57,785-45-85.

Kharkiv - 7177-111, 707-3-999; for call-back: 707-3-999.

Nikolaev - 47-97-03, 47-97-04; for call-back: 48-97-10.

Ilyichevsk - 34-515.

Zaporozhye - 225-69-96.

Support around the clock:

Kiev: 235-8555

Odessa 731-27-28, 731-27-25

Kharkov: 712-78-28

Nikolaev: 47-2090

Ilichevsk: 34522

Zaporozhye: 220-9699

Dnepropetrovsk: 744-8977
If you have any problems with the deposit, please. please contact our ICQ-operator (see. contact details). C operator, you can always check the correctness of the code. If you like to work with us, we are grateful for your positive feedback.
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