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Username, password, and the serial number of the universal card provider "PortTelecom" (Vladivostok) the nominal value of 300 rubles, providing the ability to access the Internet and make phone calls.
To connect to the Internet, create a remote connection with the following parameters:

- Telephone access in Vladivostok: 301331

- User name (login): login

- Password: password


- Dial the number in Vladivostok: 301,333;

- Having heard the invitation, put the phone to tone dialing (usually by pressing *);

- Enter the PIN-code and press #

- Wait for the voice prompt and type:

- Long-distance calls: 8, area code, phone number, and press #

- For an international call: 810, country code, area code, phone number, and press #

To cancel the erroneous data, press *

View user statistics - site http://www.ptkom.ru

Telephone technical support in Vladivostok: 49 74 74.

Validity period: 6 months from the date of activation.
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